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A Summary from Blake & Associates Law Firm

By Maureen Callahan

Two years ago, on a Saturday afternoon in London, Anaïs Bordier received a screenshot, sent by a friend, of a young woman in America who looked exactly like her.

“I was shocked,” Anaïs says today. “I didn’t understand . . . who could that be?” Her next thought was to find out more about this girl. And just as quickly, she dropped the idea. Adopted as an infant from South Korea, Anaïs was raised as an only child in Paris and Brussels. She knew nothing about her biological mother — only that her adoption papers listed her as a single live birth. That’s why, Anaïs says, “I didn’t think she could be my twin. But the resemblance was so strong that I thought she might be related to me to a lesser degree — like my cousin or something.”

Meanwhile, her friends poked around the Web and found the young woman — a 25-year-old actress named Samantha Futerman — in an online trailer for a movie called “21 & Over.” This time, Anaïs decided to investigate.

“I found her date of birth,” she says. “What are the chances you find someone adopted from the same country and the same town, who was also born on the same day?”

It reminded her of “The Parent Trap,” starring Lindsay Lohan as a young girl who discovers her long-lost identical twin.

“So this time, I had no fear,” Anaïs says. “I thought we could be twins, and twins have a very strong bond. So I made the decision to message her.”


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