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A Summary from Blake & Associates Law Firm

By Alana Redmond

While a shift in the dynamic between you and your partner is not necessarily always bad, there are some specific conversations you should have in order to avoid heading to divorce. The most important element of any relationship is communication. If you’re not talking with your partner, then you will discover issues you may not have realized were there. Marriage without an open exchange of thoughts, emotions, and feelings is rarely sustainable. The key to good communication is openness, honesty, trust, and forgiveness. Without all of these factors, you might wake up to find that you are on your way to a divorce. So what are the top five predictors of an impending divorce? Infidelity, money issues, lack of communication, constant bickering, and shaming over appearance.

Finding a healthy balance between you and your spouse should always be your goal. Finding common ground and placing communication on the forefront will hopefully help you and your partner maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.


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