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Introduction to Divorce

By Mark Dombeck, PH.D.

The topic of divorce should require no introduction. Simply put, divorce refers to the often messy and painful end of a marriage. For better or for worse, divorce is a very common event these days. Most everyone has been touched by it, either by going through it themselves as a spouse or a child, or knowing someone who has gone through it as a spouse or as a child. Despite widespread familiarity with the effects of divorce, the details of the divorce process are less well known. In this article, Dr. Dombeck discusses the important concepts and procedures involved in the divorce process with the sincere hope that a little education regarding divorce will help minimize pain.

You can feel like the loneliest person in the world when you are contemplating divorce. It's therefore important to keep divorce in perspective by realizing how common it is and by separating the legal process from the emotional one. Divorce is generally bad, but it does not have to be awful and you should always remember that it is not the end of the world.


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